All Natural Hemp Infused Tattoo Aftercare

Organic, unscented soap to clean, heal and rejuvenate your ink.  Goat’s milk and hemp oil in a gentle formula.
Designed for tattoo aftercare.
Gentle soap with antimicrobial and antibacterial protection.
Hemp with all natural oils and ingredients.
Unscented and safe on new and old tattoos.
Feels like silk on the skin and works like magic!

Clean Ink Soap

  • Apothecary’s CLEAN INK is an all natural soap that gently cleans your tattoos and helps them heal to keep them bright and new.

    CLEAN INK uses soft, mild goat’s milk with hemp oil (Omega 3, 6 & 9) in a gentle, pH balanced formula with natural antimicrobial and antibacterial protection.

    Ingredients: organic goat’s milk, hemp terpenes, hemp oil, calendual oil & tea tree oil.